We are committed to the human dimension of business and to flexibility because, in contrast with large international groups, this allows us to remain closer to your needs and requirements.
The advantages for you are tangible :

  • Service and availability : we are entirely available within extremely short deadlines.
  • Proximity : our teams visit you on average twice a month and respond to calls within 48 hours.
  • Pragmatism : we decide together on the solution that offers the best ratio of recycling cost to ROI.
  • Contact : in order to fi nd solutions for your problems you need one single contact - not an automated and impersonal structure.
  • Advice and expertise : we make a detailed and systematic visit to your company in order to gain an in-depth understanding of your modus operandi. We then adapt the solution to suit your production methods and your reality on the ground.
  • Long-term partners : we believe in profi ts and effi ciency that are the fruit of a long-term relationship.